Thozow Sweet Pea Results 2016

East Kent Canine Society Open Show 06/11/2016

2nd Veteran Stakes

Judge : Helena Hutchinson

Midland Counties Championship Show 27/10/2016

3rd Veteran Stakes

Judge: Mr Tom Mather


Darlington Championship Show 17/09/2016

1st Veteran Bitch & BVIB

Judeg : Mr Alan Small (Bethane)


Richmond Championship Show  10/09/2016

1st Veteran Bitch

Judge : Mr Rui Oliveria (Portugal)


City of Birmingham Championship Show 03/09/2016

1st Veteran Bitch & Best Veteran in Breed

Judge : Mr Ken Gourley

2nd in Veteran Group

Judge : Mr K Newhouse


East of England Championship Show 09/07/2016

1st Veteran Bitch, BVIB, Best Veteran in Group

Judge : Mrs Shauna Fryer (Hopecharm)

Group Judge: Miss S Bird


Windsor Championship Show 03/07/2016

1st Veteran Dog or Bitch

Judge: Mr David Winsley (Davmar)


Whitstable Canine Society Open Show 05/06/2016

1st Veteran Stakes & BVIS

Judge: Mr John Swinge


Bath Championship Show 27/05/2016

1st Veteran Bitch

Judge : Mrs Jenny Griffiths (Karamynd)


Birmingham National Championship Show - 09/05/2016

1st Veteran Bitch, RCC, Best Veteran, 2nd Veteran Group

Breed Judge: Mr Douglas Berry (Incheril)

Group Judge: Mr Colin Powell


South of England Agricultural Show - 01/05/2016

2nd Veteran (7-9years)

Judge: Mr Geoff Duffield(Angelfield/Myriehewe)


WHWT Club of Wales - 24/04/2016

1st Open Bitch, BB, BOS

Judge: Mrs Suzanne Macbean (Pryovale)


West Highland White Terrier Club of England Championship Show - 09/04/2016

2nd Veteran Dog/Bitch

Judge : Mrs Lillian Strand (Westlake)


Dover & Deal Canine Society Open Show - 03/04/2016


Judge : Mrs C King-Cherne( (Tanyvska)


Crufts 13/03/2016

3rd Veteran Bitch

Judge: Mrs Helen Dangerfield (Lusundy)


Folkestone & Hythe Canine Society Open Show 06/03/2016


Judge Mrs Linda King (Kirkkavagh)


Kent County Canine Society 28/02/2016

2nd AV Terrier Veteran

Judge : Mrs Mary Small


East Kent Canine Society 01/02/2016

4th Veteran Stakes

Judge: Mr Graham Hill


Ashford & Faversham Open Show 03/01/2016

1st Veteran & BVIS

Judge : Lesley Swigciski (Cosalta)

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