Thozow Edelweiss Results 2016


LKA 11/12/2016

1st Puppy

Judge: Mr Ronnie Irving


East Kent Canine Society Open Show 06/11/2016

1st Junior & BP, PG 1

Judge : Mr Edward Allen

1 JW point


Midland Counties Championship Show 27/10/2016

3rd Minor Puppy Bitch

Judge: Mr Richard Allen


South Wales Championship Show 08/10/2016

2nd Minor Puppy Bitch

Judge: Mr Bill Browne-Cole

3rd Puppy Bitch Stakes

Judge: Barrie M Croft


Beckenham Canine Society Open Show 02/10/2016

1st AVNSC Junior BP, RBOB, PG1

Judge : Mr Mark Walshaw


Darlington Championship Show 17/09/2016

1st Minor Puppy Bitch

Judge : Mr Alan Small (Bethane)

3 JW points


London & Home Counties Terrier Club Open Show 11/09/2016

2nd Puppy

Judge: Mr Thomas Davison (Braxquin)


Richmond Championship Show  10/09/2016

3rd Minor Puppy Bitch

Judge : Mr Rui Oliveria (Portugal)


City of Birmingham Championship Show 03/09/2016

3rd Minor Puppy Bitch

Judge : Mr Ken Gourley


Leicester Canine Society Open Show 29/08/2016

1st AVNSC Terrier Junior


Horley & District Open Show 28/08/2016

1st Junior & BP BP3 - WHWT

Judge: Mr Eddie Bishop

1JW point


Kent  County Canine Society Open Show 21/08/2016

2nd Junior & BP -  WHWT

Judge : Mr Mike Holman

7th Junior Stakes

Judge : Audrey Hicks



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